Greetings! I'm a child of the 70's who never left the 80's. The 80's are my happy place.

I love all things retro, Castle/Caskett, Mork & Mindy, Genesis/Phil Collins, Paula Abdul, classic tv, retro toys, Barry Manilow, Daryl Hall, Howard Jones, Elton John, 80's synth pop, yacht rock, 80's/90's hiphop & R&B, vinyl records, new jack swing, sneakers, John Ritter, pop art, the ocean, Jeeps, Deloreans, etc.. Would love to meet more 80s freaks, retro lovers & whoever else would like to know me. I mostly post/reblog goodies from the 70's, 80's, & early 90's.

9th July 2012

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Simpsons Bookmark from the American Library Association (1990)

Simpsons Bookmark from the American Library Association (1990)

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    i own this bookmark and use it as much as possible. it’s currently in the middle of “Perfecting Sound Forever.” ;)
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